Welcome to Healing Arts with Karen Meyer

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Karen Meyer

Let the Journey Begin . . .

... I am honored to be on this Journey with you, one smile at a time, one breath at a time.

In our work together, we engage in sacred conversation where I listen closely with my hands, heart, and undivided attention.

My intention is to restore energy, ease stress, and realign your body, mind, and soul. A safe and caring pathway is created towards pure wellness, allowing you to blossom into the full expression of your true nature.

I look forward to walking with you, and sharing in conversation...

Welcome to Healing Arts with Karen Meyer

"Karen Meyer is a phenomenally gifted hands-on energy worker. She has the rare ability to touch you at the level of mind, body and spirit with a powerful combination of skilled precision and pure love. After a session with Karen, I always feel more alive, connected to my heart, relaxed and re-aligned. Her touch is profoundly healing."

-Caroline Reynolds, author of Spiritual Fitness