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Karen Meyer

About Karen

Karen M. Meyer (M.A.) is well-renowned as a Teacher, Adventurer, and Healer. As owner of Moonheart Healing Arts, in the heart of New York City, she has found a way to blend all three; creating a refuge for those seeking peace and clarity on their life's journey amidst these difficult times.

As a Teacher, Karen specializes in assessing the strengths of her students and custom-designing a learning plan that empowers each student to thrive both inside and outside of her classroom. In this capacity, Karen has worked with Special Education students in Elementary School and in High School as well as acting as an advocate for these students with other faculty members, parents and the community at large. Additionally, Karen has taught countless numbers of pupils such body/mind techniques as: yoga, meditation, stress reduction, diet and nutrition, addiction cessation techniques and healthy lifestyle choices.

As an Adventurer, Karen's exploits are well-documented. Leaping into the fast paced business world of New York City, Karen soon found herself in the prestigious Trump Organization, negotiating high end Real Estate transactions. On a soul searching excursion to India, Karen found herself at the feet of the Dalai Lama, and her lifelong pursuit of spiritual knowledge became her calling. From "The Donald to the Dalai" Karen learned the duality of acquisition v. surrender, material v. spiritual, mind power v. heart power." After the tragedy of 9-11, and experiencing firsthand the language of terror and violence, her quest catapulted her even further. This time, she embarked on a six-month intensive journey to Thailand, Bali and Cambodia where she experienced firsthand the universal language of love.

As a Healer, Karen's formal training began with her own health. In 1990, Karen was struck with a terrible illness that confounded doctors. After facing a series of disappointments and setbacks from western medicine, Karen turned to the alternative healing community for help. Utilizing her gift for pulling from various teachers to custom-design programs, Karen created her own therapy and soon found herself stronger than ever. Since that time, she has passionately shared what she's learned in her travels across internal and external landscapes with others. In 2007 she created Moonheart Healing Arts Center as a safe space for others to come and find their wholeness. Karen offers practical tools and guidance to her clients while encouraging them to tune into their own internal healer. She specializes in Polarity, Reiki, Yoga, Ayurveda, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Life Coaching, and has a wealth of information about other mind/body modalities through her work as Director of Moonheart.

As a Teacher, Adventurer, and Healer, Karen has learned the Art of Balance. She brings a child-like enthusiasm and playfulness to the often heavy world of healing, and has created a space that feels like home for newcomers and veterans alike. Described as a "Healing Hostess" by those who have experienced her love and humor firsthand, Karen's touch has been described as "magical, angelic, and filled with pure love." All those who meet her benefit by the experiences she's gained on her lifelong pursuit of divine connection.

Karen's work as a energy healer begins with her heart daily and is grounded in years of invaluable life experience and training.


*Special Education Teacher / Tester & Evaluator
*Real Estate Broker and Sales Manager & Trainer
*Corporate Communications Consultant for Philips N.A. and Western Union
*Yoga Instructor, Polarity Practitioner, Reiki Master

Formal Training:

*Master of Arts from Stony Brook University (Stony Brook, NY)
*Yoga Teacher Training at Himalayan Institute (Honesdale, PA)
*Reiki Training in Thailand and at Reiki Arts Continuum (New York, NY)
*Polarity Training at Energy Arts (New York, NY)
*Thai Yoga Message and Reflexology in Thailand
*Yoga Meditation in India, Bali, Thailand, Cambodia