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Karen Meyer
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Karen Meyer
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Schedule of Group Events

Create a Class:

When two ore more are gathered, we can participate in one of the following classes or create our own class.

Yoga for EveryBody
 * Elements in Yoga
 * Perfect Posture
 * EnCorporate Yoga
 * Aging with Grace

Yoga for EveryBody is a well-rounded Yoga practice aimed towards "every body" type and ability level. The user-friendly class will gradually strengthen the body and improve posture, balance, alignment and energy flow.

Creating Balance
 * Stress Management
 * Basics of Meditation
 * Wise Women's

The Creating Balance series is a balanced blend of lecture, experiential actives, and movement; please dress in casual comfortable clothing.

Essential Oils
 * Building Health
 * Clearing Space
 * Raindrop Technique

Essential Oils carry the essence of plants in highly concentrated form. Not only do they smell good, but they offer energetic and medicinal benefits. We will be learning about the oils and working with them in these experiential classes.

Group Events:

The following classes are open to everyone. To assure your spot in the class, please call or email to pre-register.

To Be Announced - Enhance Your Health with Essential Oils:

Experience the joy and healing properties of essential oils and learn how they can enhance your health and well-being. We will be exploring medicinal-grade essential oils and how to use them for yourself, your family, and your friends. Learn how you can diffuse, ingest, and apply them topically in order to address the symptoms of physical ailments and to promote a sense of well-being.