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Karen Meyer

More about Karen by Lisa Schimski

I have worked with Karen for nearly 15 years -- first as a student in my Polarity Therapy and Craniosacral Balancing practitioner training programs, then as a teaching assistant in those programs, and now as a colleague. As a student Karen brought her natural empathy, curiosity, and depth of feeling to wholeheartedly learning the work. As a teaching assistant, Karen showed a focused commitment toward continuing her own learning and applying her creativity and natural sensitivity to others to help the students in my classes learn.

She also brought her own growing knowledge and skill in other modalities, such as Yoga and Thai Massage, to the classes she assisted and freely offered to share what she knew. I always knew that I'd learn something new when I asked Karen to assist my classes!

Now, as I colleague, I see Karen as a consummate practitioner of the healing arts, who is caring, highly skilled, and naturally gifted. She has integrated so much into her repertoire, yet also has the innate humility and strength of spiritual understanding to get out of the way of other people's self-healing when that is called for.

Throughout the time I have known Karen -- as student, assistant, and colleague -- she has always brought together her gentle sense of humor and willingness to hold deep feelings without glossing over them, offering both depth and lightness to those around her. Karen is an artist of the moment who uses the medium of life, experience, and energy to create and co-create a beautiful and meaningful environment in which both learning and healing can take place.

About Lisa Schimski, Polarity Practitioner and Educator

Lisa Marie Schimski, BA, RPP, RPE, has been practicing Polarity Therapy and craniosacral balancing for over 20 years and teaching for over 15 years. A graduate of Sarah Lawrence College, her back- ground includes intensive study in the fields of anthropology, naturopathic and oriental medicine, massage, transformational process work, and shamanic practices. Lisa is the director of EnergyArts, which offers classes and certificate programs in Polarity Therapy, cranial work, and other holistic healing arts. She also teaches at schools throughout the U.S. and internationally and was director of the Polarity Pro- gram at the New York Open Center from 1994-2006. Lisa has a private practice in NYC and upstate New York and is currently enrolled in a graduate program in somatic psychology.